Green Day Ruins "American Idiot"




Spitfire punks Green Day are turning their 2004 opus American Idiot into a play, hereby demolishing any street cred they might have retained in the wake of that album's success.

Michael Mayer, who spearheaded Spring Awakening onstage, is collaborating with the band on the show, which is also called American Idiot. It will include all the songs from that album, as well as some new ones from Green Day's upcoming 21st Century Breakdown. All of your favorite Idiots — Jesus of Suburbia, St. Jimmy and Whatshername — will be there, as the story follows a group of kids from the suburbs to the Middle East.

Green Day will premiere American Idiot at their hometown Berkeley Repertory Theatre. There's also an award-winning choreographer attached to the show. So expect plenty of cool (and possibly gay) moves onstage when the play opens later this year. —Michael Gallucci

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