Live Bloggin' the Rock Hall Inductions: Backstage With Run-DMC




"We rhymed about sneakers. We rhymed about collard greens," DMC told the press gathered backstage. They were speaking to the streets — that's his point. "Plus, we were good," he said.

They talked about their "King of Rock" video and how they had to create a rock and roll hall of fame for it, because the real thing wasn't built yet.

Whatever animosity these guys might have for each other, they were quite genial backstage together, sharing memories.

Before they left the press corps, they again recalled the "King of Rock" video. "We were young guys with new music that people thought were a fad. It impacted a generation. That's what rock and roll does," said DMC, who named John Lennon and other classic rockers as influenced. "Old-school hip-hop will be here after the roaches are gone." —Michael Gallucci

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