Dave Matthews Gives Away a New Song




Wanna download the new Dave Matthews Band single? For free?

Head on over to here and fill out the form with all the usual stuff: e-mail address, zip code, etc., and you'll get a code to download the new song, "Funny the Way It Is."

It's the first single off Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King, which comes out on June 2. Based on first taste, I'm gonna bet the new album sounds an awful lot like DMB's past eight records.

Just so you know: When you fill out the form for the free download, you're automatically signing up for Dave's e-mail list, which means you'll get tons of e-mails from him (or his marketing department) asking you to buy stuff. I know. I did this last year when Coldplay offered a free download, and now every time Chris Martin farts, I get an e-mail about it.

That's what I get for downloading a Coldplay song in the first place, right? —Michael Gallucci

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