Kate Voegele Stars in New Video With Some Guy




Our favorite local pop-minded singer-songwriter, Kate Voegele, is shooting a new video with some guy from Dancing With the Stars I never heard of.

Then again, I don't watch the show, so there's no way I'd know the guy. Maybe you've heard of him. His name is Derek Hough and he's currently paired with titty-flasher Lil' Kim on the dancing program. He'll co-star with Voegele in the "99 Times" video. It's the first single off Voegele's new album, A Fine Mess, which comes out on May 19.

Apparently Hough is also a singer in the Ballas Hough Band, which I also never heard of. Either way, "99 Times" is a pretty good song — Voegele's poppiest and peppiest.

Hopefully it'll break her big this time. Her debut, Don't Look Away, had a slow and steady climb, netting her tons of road time and a gig on the tween drama One Tree Hill, where she plays a singer who sings Voegele's songs. On the April 27 episode, she'll sing "99 Times."

The video will probably premiere sometime around then. —Michael Gallucci

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