Andrew W.K. resurfaces on Cartoon Network


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Remember Andrew W.K.? He had a pretty good album back in 2002 called I Get Wet. You might remember the cover, which featured the long-haired rocker with a wicked nosebleed (no doubt spurred on by a pre-photo session coke binge). He kinda disappeared after that.

Andrew's back as host of a new TV show called Destroy Build Destroy, which will premiere on Cartoon Network sometime this year. Yes, the Cartoon Network.

But unlike OutKast's Andre Benjamin, who became an animated school teacher in Class of 3000, Andrew will appear as himself.

Destroy Build Destroy is part of Cartoon Network's new commitment to live-action programming — which sounds kinda odd to me, seeing that it is the Cartoon Network. Whatever.

The show pits two teams against each other, as they construct and then demolish (with the help of professionals) lots of different kinds of shit.

You can expect wrecking balls and explosives, which is right up the aggressively kick-ass Andrew W.K.'s alley. —Michael Gallucci


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