This Just In: Hip-Hop Skits Still Not Funny


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Listening to Cam'ron's skit-heavy new CD, Crime Pays, for review last night, it occurred to me that Cam may be one of the last rappers to actually fill CD space with skits.

These jokey interludes were popular about 10 years ago with 13-year-old boys. Most hip-hoppers stopped doing them when they realized they weren't funny.

Apparently Cam didn't get that memo. Then again, his beefs with Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Jim Jones have pretty much excluded him from hip-hop's elite club, so maybe he really didn't get the memo.

I wasn't in the studio when Cam recorded Crime Pays, but I assume something like this went down:

Cam: Yo, how many songs we have?

Someone Cam Works With: About 15.

Cam: How much time is that?

Someone Cam Works With: About 45 minutes.

Cam: And how long a CD run?

Someone Cam Works With: About 80 minutes.

Cam: Why don't we bring Big D in here to tell some jokes? He's funny.

Someone Cam Works With: Yeah, that motherfucker is funny.

Cam: Yo! Big D! Wanna be on my album?

That may explain why 20 percent of the record is skits. And why Crime Pays kinda sucks. —Michael Gallucci


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