Concert Review: Vast at the Agora, 5/13




For a Wednesday night, Vast drew quite a crowd at the Agora. That's quite a feat, considering the band doesn't get much publicity these days.

After being dropped by a major label several years back, frontman Jon Crosby created his own label, 2blossoms, just so he could release Vast's albums. Without much push, the group has soldiered on.

Their set started with a five-minute lght-show teaser. Cheers erupted at the slightest sign of life behind the stage. Crosby finally emerged from the multicolored smoke, and the lights flashed alternately between Crosby and the audience. They particularly seemed to favor a few dancing girls sporting mini-skirts and brightly colored thigh-high stockings.

Even with the sexy competition, Crosby’s bleached-blonde mop was the real visual draw as the first chords of “Don’t Take Your Love Away" echoed through the Agora.

Crosby and band were greeted with much fist-pumping, horn-throwing and head-banging, which continued on throughout the entire show. Not bad for a Wednesday night. —Crystal Culler

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