Eminem Tastes Bruno's Ass ... On Purpose?



By now, you've probably seen the clip of Eminem getting an assful of Sacha Baron Cohen at last night's MTV Movie Awards (if you haven't, it's above — enjoy).

The big question is: Did he know it was coming?

Probably. After a five-year absence, Em just released a new album, Relapse. He's been doing tons of publicity for it.

Last night's stunt involved Cohen — in character as gay fashion reporter Bruno (who also happens to be doing tons of publicity, revving up for next month's movie release) — descending from the ceiling wearing little more than angel wings and landing in Eminem's lap, with his bare ass planted on the rapper's face.

Eminem's burly bodyguards did what they were supposed to do — they shoved Cohen away. Eminem did what he was supposed to do — he left in a huff. But it all seemed staged. Especially since you could clearly hear every obscenity leaving Em's lips. Why? Because he was miked. If Cohen's ass just "accidentally" landed atop Slim Shady's head, why was the latter wearing a live mic? I doubt that guy from Twilight had a mic on during the stunt.

Plus, Cohen got Pamela Anderson to play along when he made Borat a few years ago. Eminem probably learned his lesson after the Triumph incident in 2002. He came off as a clueless asshole for getting in a fight with a puppet. No way he was going to let a gay, heavily accented fashion reporter get all the laughs. Even if it meant going where only Ken Davitian has gone before. —Michael Gallucci


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