Foose Video Shoot: The Spudmonster’s Return




Spudmonsters frontman Don Foose returns to action this weekend with two video shoots for his new band, Foose.

The hardcore group will play a set of harder-than-nails new tunes and old favorites at the Pirate’s Cove on Sunday from 4 to 7 p.m. The day before, if you can find them, the band will shoot a video on a rooftop in the Warehouse District.

Foose marks a return to the singer’s crossover roots after on-again-off-again work with the funky rock project Sons of War. He’s still inked to the gills and writing songs informed by his Hare Krisha faith.

“People have been pushing me to do another hardcore project,” says Foose. “People want to hear the old Don Foose Spudmonsters/Run Devil Run style. So I put together another old-school style record.

“My songs are based on the realities of life, and have a positive message. ’Letdown’ is about how we pour our life into material things, and we’re let down. ‘Sacrifice’ I wrote about how if you want to get something out of life, you have to give.’”

Both songs are posted on the band’s website. Read more about the band in next week’s Scene. —D.X. Ferris

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