Hot Cha Cha Finishing Album, Hitting the Road




Hard-rocking Cleveland quartet Hot Cha Cha is putting the final touches on their first full-length release, to be titled The World’s Hardest Working Telescope and the Violent Birth of Stars, at Exit Stencil studios in the Waterloo district.

The follow-up to last year's EP, Rifle I Knew You When You Were Just a Pistol, is slated for release in the fall on the Exit Stencil label in vinyl, CD and digital formats.

The arty neopunk group — which includes Jovana Batkovic on vocals, Mandy Aramouni on guitar, Heather Gmucs on bass and Lisa Paulovcin on drums — is currently on a 10-day east coast tour that is swinging through NYC, Jersey City, Asbury Park, Charleston, Atlanta, Athens, Washington DC, and Jamestown NY. —Anastasia Pantsios

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