Wyclef Slams Auto-Tune Singers With an Auto-Tuned Song




Onetime Fugee Wyclef Jean's new song performs a neat trick: It slams artists who use Auto-Tune while — you guessed it — employing T-Pain's favorite studio crutch.

"Mr. Autotune" is supposed to be a joke, with lyrics like "If you sing off-key, for a small fee I can make you a celebrity" and "I will turn this thing into a karaoke party."

But through it all, Jean (and Nick Cannon, who also may be part of the joke, but I doubt it) warble off-key lines about making mad money with their Auto-Tune program.

Along the way, they casually slam Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and anyone else who's used the voice-altering tool on a song during the past year.

You can hear it here. —Michael Gallucci

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