Pere Ubu Make a Radio Play for the Internet




Cleveland's best avant-garage/post-punk/old-school-survivor band Pere Ubu is jumping into the 21st century with a series of podcasts that sound an awfully lot like one of those radio plays your grandma listened to back when life sucked.

Starting next Tuesday and running through September 28, Ubu will release eight podcasts (at two-week intervals), which make up the first three acts of a six-act "radio play" the band is putting together in conjunction with its upcoming CD, Long Live Pere Ubu!, which not so coincidentally comes out in September.

The play, Bring Me the Head of Ubu Roi (Version 2), will be available for free on Ubu's online-only store.

According to the band,

The idea to record a radio play was conceived as a way of managing the silence between songs in the concert set for the album so that the spoken word is manipulated and mixed with electronic ambience and transformed into a unique musical style of its own.

Ubu frontman David Thomas adapted the script and appears (with other band members) in the podcasts. Songs from the new album are also sprinkled in among the story.

Speaking of Thomas, the portly singer is part of the new album by Unknown Instructors, a super-group of sorts led by former Minutemen Mike Watt and George Hurley. The record, Funland, is basically a collection of free-form jams performed by Watt, Hurley and pals while Thomas and a few other guys recite spoken-word over the noise. It's worth a listen. —Michael Gallucci

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