Road Trip Concert Review — Bonnaroo Pt. 5




After years of blatant discontentment, you’d think Trent Reznor and the NIN guys might be over it. Or at least lighten up a little. You know, that they might be happy once in a while. But Saturday’s 1 a.m. performance was as dismal as ever. And it was a killer show, with sharp vocals, insane lights, and the smoothest mix of electronica and rock all weekend.

At That Tent, MGMT was shakin' a much happier show, equipped with the requisite glow sticks. Unfortunately, the group's music is better served by remix DJs in clubs. Their performance lacked energy. Maybe they're just a studio group after all. Or maybe they just had a case of the camping blues and 'Roo really wasn't their thing. The audience had more intensity than them. Even "Electric Feel" was mellow — and everyone knows how to bust a move to that one!


To wrap up:

Best live performance: Phoenix.

Best Party: Girl Talk.

And I'm all 'Rooed out and in need of a very long shower and a very soft bed. Still, I had an amazing time but will probably rethink my strategy next year.

The best bands get the 2:15 a.m. slots. And by the time it's all over at 4 a.m., you really don't care where you sleep. You might be tired and dirty at the end of the whole thing, but, yeah, it's worth it. —Carissa Bowlin

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