Money Where Your Mouth Is: Morality Check




This is the part of the blog where C-Notes' music writers quit sobbin’ about how Jeff Buckley is still dead and let a real rock band plead their case. Plus, frankly, we doubt we’d give a nü-metal crew like Morality Check a fair shake anyway.

Band: Morality Check

Website: or

Hometown: Cleveland

Sounds Like: “Disturbed with a dash of Sevendust, with a modern progressive edge.”

Fun Fact: “Morality Check is banned from playing a certain club in Sandusky. And our singer once had a crash course in learning how to drive stick because our designated driver was too drunk to drive us home from a show on the road.”

Playing: CD-release party on Saturday at Peabody’s

Why You Need to See Them: "The CD-release party is free, so you can spend your money on CDs and beer.” —Ron, keyboards and Cory James, singer

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