Show How Much You Hate Phil Lara With a New T




Remember Phil Lara? That asshole who ran the Jigsaw concert club into the ground and managed to piss off a ton of local musicians, promoters and music fans?

Forged in Flame is selling Marked Man T-shirts with Lara's chubby, bearded mug in the middle of a target.

From Flame's website:

"Clevelanders rejoice! The "Marked Man" Phil Lara T is the Ultimate Fuck You back to the sleaze ball so called business man that ran 2 great Cleveland clubs into the ground. The damage has been done, now strike back!"

Only 50 of the "super limited edition" T-shirts were made, so order fast. They're $15. But the chance to sport a shirt with Lara in the crosshairs? Priceless. —Michael Gallucci

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