1,000 Free Songs!




Head on over to ReverbNation, like, right now, because they're giving away 1,000 free downloadable songs.

There aren't many big names here (you have to shell out $1.29 at iTunes for those), but there are plenty of indie artists featured in the 52 pages. Plus, they're free!

Cleveland's Chimaira are even featured on the first page with their song "Secrets of the Dead."

Here are a couple recommendations:

The Answer — page 2

Todd Snider — page 3

As far as we can tell, the songs aren't laid out in any sorta coherent manner (ie, they're not alphabetical). They may be listed in order of most popular, since the further down the list we got, the more unfamiliar we became with many of the bands.

So you're gonna have to wade through the list to find something you like. But it's not like you're paying for them. —Michael Gallucci

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