Square Records Celebrates Anniversary With a Concert




Cleveland indie-music store Music Saves just cleaned up the confetti from its fifth-anniversary celebration this past weekend, and now its Akron counterpart Square Records is gearing up to celebrate its sixth year in business.

The store — which opened on August 9, 2003 — has become a gathering spot for under-the-radar musicians and artists, hosting in-store concerts and art shows while selling all genres of non-commercial new and used CDs and vinyl from the ’60s to the present.

At 9 p.m. Saturday, it will honor the Akron music scene past and present with a concert at Akron’s Musica. It features Drummer, a brand-new quintet comprising five drummers from Akron/Kent-area bands like the Black Keys, Beaten Awake, Party of Helicopters and Houseguest — all but one playing other instruments. Akron punk-rock icons from the '70s the Bizarros will also be there.

Two other Akron bands, the wispy Dinomania and Tiger Fighter — which features singer/guitarist David Rich who has played with Houseguest, Good Morning Valentine and Doug Gillard — are also on the bill. Admission is $5. —Anastasia Pantsios

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