We Wish You a Happy Nirvana




Ready for the holidays? No, not Labor Day. I'm talkin' Christmas. Hannukah. Thanksgiving. My birthday (yeah, I'm a late-November guy). Well, the record companies are getting ready for them.

A few new Nirvana-related CDs are coming out soon, and their respective labels hope you'll spend some of your gift-giving cash on them.

First up is Foo Fighters Greatest Hits, which spans the group's 14-year career. The Foos even recorded a pair of new songs for the album. It comes out on November 3.

On the same day, Foo frontman Dave Grohl's other money-making band, Nirvana, will release Nirvana Live at Reading, a CD/DVD combo that includes the group's famous 1992 U.K. festival gig.

Also due on November 3 is the deluxe reissue of Nirvana's debut, Bleach, which we told you about a couple weeks ago.

Smells like a Nirvana holiday. —Michael Gallucci

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