Concert Review: Black Hollies at Beachland Tavern, 9/9




The Black Hollies' Nick Ferrante conquered on his drummer’s throne at the Beachland Tavern last night. The band's entire set transitioned from one bluesy Brit-pop tune to the next without words and fueled by drum solos. (Surprisingly, Ferrante isn’t even the band's original drummer; he's filling a void left by Scott Thomas Bolasci.)

With bad-ass drum solos in place, rootsy and raw guitar hooks in check, the Hollies came off a little like Aha Shake-era Kings of Leon. But rather than going for bluesy wails, frontman Justin Angelo Morey carries a sugary Beatles style.

The show's highlight: "Gloomy Monday Morning," from the upcoming Softly Towards the Light album. —Carissa Bowlin

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