Money Where Your Mouth Is: Jer Coons



C-Notes music writers are still engrossed by the Beatles reissues, so we're gonna let an artist explain why you need to see him. This time, it's lively singer-songwriter Jer Coons. —D.X. Ferris

Artist: Jer Coons

Websites: ,

Hometown: Burlington, VT

Sounds Like: "John Mayer and Jason Mraz were riding on a tandem bicycle and crashed into Jimi Hendrix (who was listening to the Beatles on his iPod)."

Fun Fact: "Jer once bowled a 100. He has a reputation for building incredible tree forts. He's also well versed in pizza and post office etiquette."

Playing Where/When: Two shows: Friday, October 9, at the Kent Stage (175 E. Main St., Kent, 330.677.5005), and Sunday, October 11, at Wilbert's Food & Music (812 Huron Rd., 216.902.4663)

Why You Need to See Him: "You (the collective you) should come see me (Jer) because the show is cheap, the band is tight, and I usually say something so ridiculous and embarrassing onstage that you feel better about yourself afterward. It's like a Tony Robbins motivational cassette tape, but live!" —Jer, guitar, vocals, cell phone

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