Danzig Days: Misfits Monday



Scene is proud to launch Danzig Days, a month of daily posts to celebrate the wide-ranging career of Glenn Danzig. We figure it's a nice buildup from the Halloween weeks into the Samhain season. Check back daily for music, trivia, reading and more.

Since 1976, Danzig has fronted the Misfits, Samhain and — for more than 20 years now — Danzig. He's one of the most talented creative forces to emerge from the old-school hardcore movement. In addition to a widely varied metal/punk/rock career, he penned songs for Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, wrote and performed two Top 10 classical records and left bloody fingerprints all over harder rock.

Today's clip is "Some Kinda Hate," a blast from the Misfits. This truly seminal punk band crawled from Jersey to the New York City punk-rock scene and grew into a metallic hardcore hybrid. The group more or less invented melodic hardcore, fusing punk with the '50s and '60s rock — like Elvis — that Danzig grew up with. —D.X. Ferris

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