Danzig Days: Dirty Black Friday



Everybody likes the Misfits — every Hot Topic store has at least one ‘Fits T-shirt in stock, and they don’t keep ‘em there ‘cuz they don’t sell. And a lot of people like Danzig, which gave the singer his biggest pop hit when “Mother” hit big in 1993. But Danzig’s truest cult of fiends, however, is those who dig Samhain, his group between the two better-known bands. Samhain are consistently darker and artier, but well worth the effort.

Samhain mined the goth movement and injected its most substantial elements into vicious hardcore. The group began with half of Minor Threat on board, but Danzig dumped them for guys who didn’t play as well, but looked cooler — which seems like a suspect move, but you can’t argue with the results. “I Am Misery” is one of Danzig's Top 3 riffs. This killer live video from 1984 captures the bandleader before he started spending serious time in the gym. —D.X. Ferris

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