Danzig Days: Misfits Monday


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“Night of the Living Dead” is this fiend’s choice for the best Misfits song. Released on Halloween 1979, the glorious punk-rock frenzy pays tribute to the horror movie of the same name. It also flips a finger to the feel-good vibes that crept out of the ’60s and wouldn’t die in the ’70s. As Danzig croons, “This ain’t love-in/This ain’t no happenin’.”

The 7-inch EP’s B-side included a cover version of “Rat Fink” by Alan Sherman, the guy who wrote "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh,” the original tale of true-life terror at a summer camp. The Misfits played it so fast, the singer had to add an extra T at the end of “rat.” —D.X. Ferris


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