What to Do Tonight: Lotus




What genre do these serial music-fest performers fall into? Simply calling Lotus an instrumental jam-band doesn’t work — even though the group keeps its music structure tight while leaving plenty of room for improvisation. It’s not merely an electronic band either, especially once you notice the members’ strong jazz-funk leanings. Whether or not they fall squarely into a niche doesn’t really matter much. They’re wildly eclectic artists whose music can be played in a dance club (“Bellwether” includes a vocoder and plenty of guitar), a hipster lounge or even an upscale jazz joint. There are real thrills happen onstage — particularly during one of Lotus’ thematic gigs, like the time they dressed up as rock stars who died when they were 27 and played Doors and Nirvana cover songs all night. Psych-rockers Egg open at 8 p.m. at House of Blues (308 Euclid Ave., 216.523.2583, houseofblues.com). Tickets: $10. — Ernest Barteldes

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