Money Where Your Mouth Is: Presque Vu




Who: Presque Vu


Hometown: Cleveland

Sounds Like:
“It's moody. It's introspective. It sounds like what might happen if the Cure, the Postal Service and Atmosphere collaborated on a track.”

Fun Fact: “If you buy our Capgras record, in addition to a bunch of sad love tunes, you'll be treated to an accapella version of a famous teeny-bopper song. You'll have to buy it to find out which one.”

Playing: Tonight at the Grog Shop.

Why You Need to See Them: “Because everyone can relate to heartbreak, and that's what a lot of our tunes are about. Plus, since we're diverse, fans of all kinds of music can find something to enjoy in our set.” —Eddie "Johnny La Rock" Fleisher, vocals , programming, keys

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