Amazon Has Free Music for Your Holiday Mix CD




We love making holiday mix CDs here at the Scene office. Every year, everyone tries to come up with the biggest, baddest mix ever.

But after so many years of putting together these things, you start to run out of ideas. How many versions of "Winter Wonderland" does one really need? And, really, half-assed Christmas standards performed on acoustic guitars performed by aging hipsters is kinda played out.

Thankfully, Amazon has come to the rescue. We think. We hope. Now through Christmas, the online megastore is offering a free holiday MP3 every day in its "25 Days of Free" promotion.

They just posted the first song, a totally lame version of "Joy to the World" by Christian rockers Casting Crowns. We pray to sweet Jesus that it's gonna get better than this.

Still, it sure beats putting Charlie Brown's sad Christmas music on your mix again, doesn't it? —Michael Gallucci

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