Kate Voegele Muses on Muse




Homegrown singer/part-time TV actress Kate Voegele has a new iTunes-exclusive EP, Live Sessions. It’s full of acoustic takes of songs from her latest album, 2009’s A Fine Mess, which had sold around 100,000 copies last time we checked. She also covers Muse’s “Starlight,” which has been popping up in her live sets. Voegele explained the choice to Scene.

"I chose to cover 'Starlight' because I’ve always been a big Muse fan, and I wanted to release something that was unexpected that I could put my own spin on,” she says. “It's a song that has so much power as both the driving, full instrumental original, and also as the more stripped-down, acoustic, intimate version I did. It's a really fun song to play live, because the fans all know the song, and it breaks up the set nicely and allows people to see a different side of me as an artist."

Click here to watch Voegele’s new-ish video for her cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” The song has been around awhile, but the video was a new holiday present for fans. —D.X. Ferris

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