Second Coolest Guy in the Hold Steady Quits




The second coolest guy in the Hold Steady has quit the band. You can read all about Franz Nicolay's departure on his website.

The band's keyboard player quit the band in September and played his last gig with them around Thanksgiving. He says he "dotted the t's and crossed the i's this week."

There's no real explanation why Nicolay — the owner of one of indie-rock's most awesome mustaches — left the group, besides "five years seemed like a nice round number."

Then again, the dude's been busy writing stories, producing other artists and recording solo albums.

Nicolay was the anchor on many of the Hold Steady's best songs. And seeing that the Hold Steady once held the title of Best Band in America, that means he was a big part of some of the best music that came out in the '00s. —Michael Gallucci

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