Five Things Lil Wayne Can Do During His Reprieve



Wayne with the thing hell miss most.
  • Wayne with the thing he'll miss most.

Looks like Lil Wayne won't be heading to prison this week, after all. The mega-prolific rapper was supposed to begin a yearlong stint at Rikers for weapon possession, but he got a last-minute reprieve yesterday to undergo dental surgery. (We're not exactly sure what's going on either. Doesn't the dude have $150,000 worth of diamonds in his mouth?)

Weezy's sentencing has been moved to March 2. That gives him three whole weeks to get some things done aroudn the crib. Here are five things Lil Wayne can do to keep busy.

1. Record 43 more mixtapes. It takes the dude something like 60 minutes to make one. He can toss off more than three dozen and still have time for the things he loves — like watching basketball and fathering children.

2. Now that he's made a "rock" record, Weezy can test out the jazz, country, polka, classical and death-metal genres. They'll probably suck, but that didn't stop him from recording Rebirth.

3. Invest in some new belts. The one he wore on the Grammy Awards a couple weeks ago barely kept his pants up. Plus, a solid belt will come in handy in prison, where you definitely don't want to be caught with your pants down.

4. Reconsider his decision to leave his empire in the hands of the lame Young Money crew while he's away. Wayne spent the past decade becoming the world's greatest rapper. These clowns are capable of demolishing that legacy within an hour.

5. Smoke more blunts! —Michael Gallucci (follow me on Twitter @mgallucci)

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