Kid Cudi on HBO Recap



Mr. Solo Dolo ... and pal!
  • Mr. Solo Dolo ... and pal!

Kid Cudi on HBO Recap is a weekly summary of HBO's new dramedy How to Make It in America, focusing exclusively on the supporting character Domingo Brown, some nebulous dude with a hot girlfriend who's played by Cleveland-bred rapper/actor Chris "Kid" Mescudi.

This week, he hung out with his friend, Cam a fast talker and quick thinker who was hustling his way into a bartending gig, then right back out of it. Cudi stood behind him, said a couple lines to add some some flavor and oozed screen presence, but didn’t actually do anything.

The Internet Movie Database says Cudi will appear in 5 of 8 episodes. His performance so far suggests that if the writers give him something to do, he’ll do it well. —D.X. Ferris

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