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She & Him
Volume Two

Zooey Deschanel’s vocal style is timeless, saccharine-sweet and devoid of that whiney crap you get with almost every female pop star today (Miley, we’re talking to you). Pair the Hollywood starlet with M. Ward, one of the most talented songwriters and producers around, and you have She & Him. The combination is as winning this time as it was on their 2008 debut, Volume One. The second volume is summed up in “Over It Over Again,” a charming ’60s girl-group tune with “ooh la la la” backup vocals, innocent piano plunking and a beat built for cutesy choreography. Deschanel is no Diana Ross, but the Supremes would have loved this song. Ward and Deschanel’s take on “Gonna Get Along Without You Now,” a Skeeter Davis cover, is just as good. The duo reaches its cuteness quota on “Lingering Still,” a terrifying beach-vacation number with so much pedal steel that you won’t be able to hold down your piña colada. Still, this album is a gem. —Danielle Sills

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