Yay! There's a New Gaslight Anthem Song




A much, much, much better band than Stone Temple Pilots is also streaming a new song today.

One of my favorite bands, the Gaslight Anthem, is streaming "American Slang" on its MySpace page.

The group's new album — also called American Slang — is coming out on June 15.

The Gaslight Anthem's last album, 2008's The '59 Sound, was one of the year's best records. I'm expecting the new one to be even better.

There are 10 songs on the new album. "American Slang" (which is the opening track) features a soaring guitar run over a big, anthemic hook. Hopefully the rest of the album will play just as grand (in a Springsteen-hooks-up-with-the-Clash kinda way).

The Gaslight Anthem were on the verge of greatness last time. Looks like they might just get there on American Slang. —Michael Gallucci (follow me on Twitter @mgallucci)

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