Concert Review: Drake at House of Blues



Last name Ever, first name Greatest ...
  • "Last name Ever, first name Greatest ..."

Aubrey Drake Graham and LeBron James' rise to fame seem to parallel each other. Both have experienced a great amount of success at a young age. And both have a big summer ahead of them, as Drake waits to see how his debut album is received and LeBron toils in free agency.

So how fitting it was for the two megastars to share the same stage at House of Blues last night.

With LeBron in town to take in the show (even showing up onstage for half of the Toronto MC's set), Drake sent the sold-out audience into a frenzy with material from his hit mixtape So Far Gone and some new cuts from his upcoming album, Thank Me Later.

But the biggest crowd response came when Drizzy performed his verses from “Money to Blow” and “I'm Going In,” his collaborations with mentor and fellow Young Money labelmate Lil Wayne.

Drake wouldn't be who he is without catering to the ladies. He and LeBron romped around the stage pointing out girls, and the women ate it up, tossing their bras onstage to ad to the collection that was already strewn across Drake's microphone.

Drake's ability to flow seamlessly between rapping and singing is impressive. With a stage presence that made it seem like the 23-year-old was a veteran of the rap game, there's no doubt that Drake, like LeBron at the same age, is already a superstar. —Jordan Zirm

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