Bon Jovi Probably Not Bringing A Game Tonight


Excited for Bon Jovi's concert at Blossom tonight? Here's some news that may get you a little less excited: Singer Jon Bon Jovi busted his leg onstage in New Jersey Friday night.

The band was rockin' out to "Livin' on a Prayer" near the end of their set at New Meadowlands Stadium when Bon Jovi starting limping. Apparently he tore a calf muscle during a cover of the Dave Clark Five's "Glad All Over" (which is better than tearing it during "Wanted Dead or Alive," because that song just blows).

Bon Jovi told the audience, "I got another leg. I don't need this one."

You can watch the action in the clip above.

Bon Jovi's spokesman says the injury won't affect the band's performance tonight. So you can expect the same tired renditions of classic-rock schlock the band has been playing for years.

Remember when Aerosmith's Steven Tyler fell off a stage last year because he was hopping around like a clown? Well, Bon Jovi's injury isn't as ridicule-worthy. Still, watching Bon Jovi hobbling offstage, holding onto a bandmate, kinda reminds me of my high-school job working at a nursing home.

The 48-year-old singer told the crowd, "I'm old. What can I tell you? But I'm still good-lookin'"

And humble as always. —Michael Gallucci (follow me on Twitter @mgallucci)


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