What to Do Tonight: Wolf Parade



Dude, I think were lost
  • "Dude, I think we're lost"

Are Wolf Parade a sum of their parts, or do their parts make them who they are? These Montreal indie rockers get as much attention for their side projects as they do for their fulltime band. Dan Boeckner, who writes half of Wolf Parade’s songs, plays guitar with his wife in their group the Handsome Furs. Spencer Krug spends his free time with Sunset Rubdown, an even weirder and proggier band than Wolf Parade. The other three members of Wolf Parade have done time elsewhere too (most notably in Hot Hot Heat). But they’re at their best playing together. In “Little Golden Age” — one of the best songs on their latest album, Expo 86 — they mix buzzing electronics with a swirling combo of guitar riffs. Add thick percussion, and you have some of the liveliest, loudest music in indie rock. Wolf Parade, with the Mools play the Beachland Ballroom at 9 p.m. Tickets: $22, $20 in advance. —Danielle Sills

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