What to Do Tonight: Hanson/Rooney



Hanson: still MMMBopping
  • Hanson: still MMMBopping

The three Hanson brothers have really grown up in the 13 years since “MMMBop” made them teen stars. Their latest album, Shout It Out, balances the hooky pop of their breakthrough with the blue-eyed soul they’ve been playing ever since. Singer Taylor’s voice has taken on a grownup rasp over the years, so while he still sounds like a 27-year-old white kid singing R&B, he sounds like a 27-year-old white kid singing R&B convincingly. Shout It Out isn’t bogged down with world affairs like Hanson’s last album, 2007’s The Walk, so their set should be a lot lighter than recent outings. Openers Rooney — another group of young kids wrestling with traditional pop music’s limitations — haven’t had near the success of Hanson, but they share a love of hooky tunes. Rooney’s new album, Eureka, is about as stripped-down as these L.A. power-poppers have ever sounded. Maybe because it’s their first self-released album. Or maybe it’s because they’re finally realizing good songs don’t need to be smothered in excessive studio gloss. Either way, it’ll be quite a pop explosion onstage. Hanson, with Rooney. play House of Blues at 7 p.m. Tickets: $27.50-$39.50. —Michael Gallucci

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