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Holy fuck indeed
  • Holy fuck indeed

Does Holy Fuck’s moniker follow the Smucker’s paradigm that something this horribly named has to be good? Of course not. The Ontario electro-space pop quartet could quite easily suck rusty circuits. But they don’t. On their latest album, Latin, Holy Fuck plug all of electronica’s permutations into a three-pronged outlet — from Brian Eno’s ambient wash to the Units’ populist New Wave to Hawkwind’s escape velocity. Not many synth-based bands can reference Men Without Hats, Yes, Metal Machine Music, Devo, and beat-happy space funk within minutes (and sometimes measures) of each other, which makes Holy Fuck a knob-twiddling, keyboard-stabbing, spine-wrenching cult of one. They score extra points for kicking it old-school, with analog synths, toy keyboards, a film synchronizer, and no backing tracks, laptops, or programmed loops. Forget the hypnotic, trance-inducing chill of what passes for most modern electronic music. Holy Fuck are the real deal, providing both ear-bending squiggles and fist-pumping anthems. Holy Fuck, with Indian Jewelry and Teengirl Fantasy, play the Grog Shop at 9 p.m. Tickets: $14, $12 in advance. —Brian Baker

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