10 Cocktails to Drink this Holiday Season 

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I am a firm believer in mojitos for every season, every holiday, every occasion. These have champagne in them which means they are fancy! Find the recipe at Food and Wine.
Flavored with muskmelon and lemon juice, this green drink will make your heart grow three sizes this Christmas. It will also lower your inhibitions substantially, so keep that big heart of yours on lock lest you suffer the curse of Wham’s “Last Christmas.” Find the recipe at Mix that Drink.
Photo via blackeiffel, Flickr Creative Commons
To be honest, I might have included this cocktail based on its name alone. "Jingle Juice" sounds too precious. Find the recipe at My Recipes.
Photo via Pen Waggener, Flickr Creative Commons
This cranberry and apple based punch can be prepared with or without alcohol. Fill the kids’ glasses to the brim, but leave some room in your own glass for a generous pour of sparkling wine. Find the recipe at My Recipes.
Pear of Desire was named with this quote in mind: "The savage man eats out of necessity; the civilized man eats out of desire." Don’t be a savage this Christmas and drink some damn pears. Find the recipe at Food and Wine.
There are a lot of bad candy cane cocktails out there. This is a good one though, because it doesn't have bits of anything weird in it and it’s not a scary color. Find the recipe at Food Network.
Photo via song zhen, Flickr Creative Commons
Start Christmas morning off right with this strong, alcoholic coffee. It’s even got a bit of nutritious orange in it so feel free to skip breakfast and go straight to opening presents, mug in hand. Find the recipe at My Recipes.
Photo via epSos .de, Flickr Creative Commons
This drink is meant to “make the kids feel like a part of the festivities” if you serve it without alcohol. What does that even mean? Are we letting kids pretend to get turnt by serving this drink? And, last time I checked, Christmas festivities are pretty much all about kids. All the adults get is cocktail parties. Now we’re giving that to the kids too? NO. Put alcohol in this delicious berry concoction and serve it to adults who deserve it. Find the recipe at My Recipes.
Layers of raspberries, gin, maraschino cherries, and red wine… When a drink looks this complicated, you know it’s going to be good. Find the recipe at Food Network.
Okay, so they’re not cocktails. But these jelly shots are beautiful, and you are guaranteed to impress when you show up at a party with these holly jolly babies. Find the recipe at Tablespoon.