17 Other Clevelands that Exist in the United States 

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Photo Courtesy of clevelandillinois.com
Cleveland, Illinois: Population 187 in 2012. Area code 309. #59 (61241) on the list of "Top 101 zip codes with the largest percentage of Belgian first ancestries."
Photo Courtesy of Kansas Ghost Town Blog
Cleveland Township, Kansas: Population 91. There are 3 people per square mile. The median worth of mobile homes is $17,300.
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Cleveland Minnesota: Population 713 in 2012. Area code 507. Birthplace of: Jerametrius Butler - Player of football.
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Cleveland, Alabama: Population 1316 in 2012. Area code 205. Tornado activity is 307% greater than US average.
Photo Courtesy of cityofclevelandga.org
Cleveland, Georgia: Population 3,410. Area code 706. Cleveland is the home of Babyland General Hospital, where visitors can watch the delivery of Cabbage Patch Kids.
Photo Courtesy of Cleveland County Government, Facebook
Cleveland, North Carolina: Population 870 in 2012. Area code 704. Most common first names among deceased individuals are James and Mary.
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, Website
Cleveland, Oklahoma: Population 3,231 in 2012. Area code 918. Birthplace of: Tony Perkins (politician) - Conservative Christian advocate, Billy Vessels - Player of football, Glen Moulder - Baseball player.
Photo Courtesy of Google Earth
Cleveland, Utah: Population 466 in 2012. Area code 435. Elevation 5735 feet.
Photo Courtesy of Google Earth
Cleveland, Florida: Population 2,990 in 2010. Area code 941. #39 on the list of "Top 101 counties with the lowest number of births per 1000 residents 2000-2003."
Photo Courtesy of clevelandtennessee.gov
Cleveland, Tennessee: Population 42,386 in 2012. Area code 423. There are 76 bridges.
Photo Courtesy of visitclevelandtexas.com
Cleveland, Texas: Population 7,647 in 2012. Area code 281. There have been 23 natural disasters in Liberty County, which is almost double the US average of 12. (Note the mascot of Cleveland High School referenced in photo.)
Photo Courtesy of Google Earth
Cleveland, Wisconsin. Population 1,493 in 2012. Area code 920. #7 on the list of "Top 100 least racially diverse cities."
Photo Courtesy of Google Earth
Cleveland, North Dakota: Population 81 in 2012. Area code 701. There have been 20 Major Disasters (Presidential) declared.
Photo Courtesy of Google Earth
Cleveland, Virginia: Population 192 in 2012. Area code 276. There are 24 people per square mile.
Photo Courtesy of Google Earth
Cleveland, New York: Population 749 in 2012. Area code 315. Number of rooms per house is above state average.
Photo Courtesy of Google Earth
Cleveland Township, Indiana: Population 11, 158 in 2010. One of 16 townships in Elkhart County. There is also Cleveland Township in Whitley County. This one has a population of 3,398 and is one of nine townships.
Photo Courtesy of visitclevelandmi.com
Cleveland, Mississippi: Population 12,206 in 2012. Area code 662. In 1884, the Louisville, New Orleans & Texas Railroad was completed between Memphis and New Orleans. Needing a halfway point between the two cities, the rail company chose the settlement that was closest to that point.