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2.2 Kid Life

Villains (Ionik Recordings)



2.2 Kid Life's Villains gets the blood flowing like a lungful of carbon monoxide. Essentially a one-man show by Cleveland's Frank Longano, Kid Life debuted in 2001 with The Escape Artist. The three people that stayed awake through that disc raved about Longano's use of samples, strings, and looped beats. His sophomore disc is more of the same: electric slowcore unencumbered by song structures.

Lullabies are often a little morbid, and Longano the songwriter is usually beyond dejected. The morose male siren delivers beautifully lulling messages of doom and existential cynicism. "It's not going to be okay," he sighs in "Foreign Objects." Dying in a plane crash is one of the least depressing images from this series of tales of feigned disease, bitter children, and malicious heartbreak. Chiming guitar notes and xylophone distantly follow each other in a parade to oblivion. Do not listen at work. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery. But do listen to it.

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