It’s a debate that’s raged since time immemorial in Cleveland, since Lorenzo Carter set up shop as others fled. East side or west side? It’s a debate that continues today and one that Best of Cleveland 2018 hopes to settle, at least for the time being. Along with celebrating the best and brightest that the city has to offer, we also sought the best and brightest on each side of the Cuyahoga River this year.

This edition is a chance to broaden the recognition bestowed on the deserving people, places and businesses of Cleveland while also squaring up some fun metro matchups, the this or that conversations had all around town in offices, bars and coffee shops. Bialy’s or Cleveland Bagel? Mix at the Cleveland Museum of Art or Third Fridays at 78th Street Studios? Grog Shop or Mahall’s? We love them all, of course, but for this issue, there can only be one winner (in most cases).

So buckle up, dig in, prime those angry comments and responses for Facebook, and enjoy the Best of Cleveland 2018.