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A Look Back at Terror

When: Wed., July 29 2015

A new documentary released just last year, Forbidden Films showcases clips from dozens of Nazi propaganda films from the 1940s that are still being suppressed by the German government today. The film debates the issue of whether or not the films should be released by the government and it includes commentary from scholars and other viewers who have seen bootlegged copies of these propaganda films. Interestingly, viewers in Jerusalem seem the least fazed by the films, whereas French viewers were the most bothered by them. Scholars generally thought that the films should be available to the public, but in a limited way. Ultimately, the documentary leaves it up to the viewer to decide where they stand on the issue and it’s fascinating to see how people from different countries and backgrounds view the controversy. There were 300 propaganda films that were banned after World War II and only 40 of them are still held from the public by Germany. This fact lures people towards this film who want to find out what makes these movies so offensive even after all these years. The movie screens tonight at 7 at the Cleveland Museum of Art and it shows again at 11 a.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $9. (Elizabeth Manno)

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