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Acid Rain

Tuesdays at American Rockstar (upstairs at Peabody's), 2083 E. 21st St., downtown, 216-802-7234.



Tuesday nights are probably the worst night of the week — except at the aptly named Rockstar Cleveland, where members of Ministry, Meshuggah, and VNV Nation have stopped by to check out Acid Rain, the city's best metal-industrial-rock-rawk-punk-hardcore-goth party. As music from 1349 to 16Volt blares, live dancers clad in leather, fishnets, and (sometimes) chains shake what they've got, dancing on the bar as sparks fly. And trust us: Getting close is worth a little singe or two. Turn on two of your five senses at, and once you're there, their dangerous "cheap as [frak] drink specials" will make sure at least two more get some stimulation.

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