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Act Your Age

Benjamin Button tops this week's picks




The Curious Case

of Benjamin Button


David Fincher's misty-eyed fable (based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald story) about a man who ages in reverse comes to Blu-ray with commentary and a four-part making-of doc. Like Benjamin himself, the movie reveals more each time you see it. Here's your chance to revisit one of last year's best movies.


Leonard Cohen:

Live in London


The still-charming Cohen, now 74, runs through 40 years of classics in this concert recorded last year. He tells jokes, flirts with the audience and reworks some great songs, while his excellent band fills in the spaces. The show is also available on CD, but stick with the DVD, where you can see Cohen's reaction to the enthralled crowd.


Excitebots: Trick Racing


Finally, another game we enjoy playing with the Wii Wheel. These vehicles are kinda like Transformers, but without the whole planet-demolishing agenda. All the usual racing tricks are here — super jumps, turbo blasts, power slides — but the game really soars when the wheeled robots take flight. The two-person mini-games are fun too.


1959 – Jazz's

Greatest Year


Celebrating the 50th anniversary of some of the best jazz records ever made, these expanded reissues pile on the extras (including outtakes and videos). The two-CD sets include Dave Brubeck's Time Out (a rare mainstream hit), and a pair of indisputable classics: Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain and Charles Mingus' Mingus Ah Um.


Action: The Sweet Anthology

(Shout! Factory)

Everything you'll ever need by one of the glam era's biggest groups can be found on this two-disc set. The remastered collection boasts hits like "Ballroom Blitz," "Fox on the Run" and "Love Is Like Oxygen" in all their fuzzed-out glory. Every song sounds like it was recorded on a pair of mile-high platforms.

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