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Aeon Flux: State of the Art

With Doug Burkhart vs. Nox vs. Dangermouse, KC vs. Still Life vs. Secret Sauce, and Cloud 10 vs. Graph vs. Alex Holtz. 9 p.m. Saturday, April 22. Dress code is "stylish, cultured, and cool." No cover before 11 p.m., $5 after. 19 and over. The View, 618 P

The swanky new View just upped its cool quotient by adding a series of cutting-edge electronic-dance-music nights. And if you think a little techno goes a long way, keep reading -- you're not alone. At Aeon Flux: State of the Art, some of the area's hottest (and least pretentious) dance DJs will rifle through one genre to another by the time you leave the dance floor, get a refill, and return. Spinning Miami house, progressive, electro, drum & bass, and good old 4/4 rhythms, three teams of three DJ's each will serve round-robin sets, playing tracks and then letting the next dance commander take over the vibe. "This will be an awesome representation of how the scope of dance music goes well beyond the big names that most people associate with techno," says Grand Poo Ba's Doug Burkhart, who will team up with Koala Tea's Nox and Dangermouse. "It's kinda like 'the rave movement grows up.'"

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