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Angels & Airwaves

With Meg & Dia, and the Color Fred. Tuesday, February 26, at House of Blues.



Back when Tom DeLonge was parading naked through the streets with his Blink-182 bandmates, thoughtfully stargazing like a displaced prog-rocker was probably the last thing on his mind. But here he is with his new band, Angels & Airwaves, doing just that. DeLonge's head is indeed in the stars for most of the group's second album, I-Empire. He sings about chasing lights, spreading the love, and finding peace in the cosmos. It would all be a bit naïve, but DeLonge structures his songs on U2-size riffs that elevate them to even more astral proportions. Angels & Airwaves aims for the cheap seats in songs like "Everything's Magic" and "Star of Bethlehem," and — more often than not — hits them. It's grand, epic, and a bit on the pretentious side. But it wouldn't work any other way.

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