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Friday, May 19, at the Spot in Elyria.


Not to be confused with Oi!-style street punks Anti-Heroes, the Canadian quartet Anti-Hero plays goth-inflected hard rock with a punkish edge. Like a glam band on a tour of hell, Anti-Hero goes forward but never straight, with a dark, bruising, but surprisingly limber attack. Seductive frontwoman Rose Perry snarls like a latter-day Veruca Salt or Joan Jett fronting the Amboy Dukes, as she assails the "magazines with those perfect little prom queens" on the righteous "Unpretty." The sturdy, arena-rock-ready rumble is a bit no-frills, but Perry's searing vocals and angry songwriting are an energizing focal point. Recently signed to Addictive Records (with distribution from Universal), Anti-Hero has a new release coming out in July. You'll undoubtedly be hearing more from this group.

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