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Art on the Move

Masterworks from CMA's permanent collection find a temporary home.


The Cleveland Museum of Art would rather have its cherished works on view than let them collect dust during its renovation. That’s why 18 of the most esteemed pieces from its permanent collection are on display at the Maltz Museum’s Masterpieces of European Painting. The exhibit gathers creations from the early Renaissance to mid-19th-century Romanticism -- covering such famous dead guys as Rembrandt, El Greco, and Peter Paul Rubens. “These paintings are basically the artists’ meditations on the human condition,” says Stacy Singerman, Maltz’s manager of special exhibitions.

The works -- including classics like Jacques Louis David’s “Cupid and Psyche” and Andrea del Sarto’s “The Sacrifice of Isaac”-- spotlight the painters’ technical mastery of color, light, and geometrical shape. Some of the pieces were commissioned by royalty and have, through the years, been owned by nobility and confiscated by Nazis. “They touch upon universal topics -- like challenges to faith, betrayal, suffering, mental and physical frailty, and powerlessness against the forces of nature,” says Singerman. “The themes still resonate today.”
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