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Arthur Alexander

Lonely Just Like Me: The Final Chapter (HackTone)


"When the Beatles and the Rolling Stones got their first chance to record, one did 'Anna' and the other did 'You Better Move On,'" Keith Richards once said, referring to the importance of Arthur Alexander. "That should tell you enough." And if it doesn't, you can also consult Dylan, Ry Cooder, and Robert Plant. They've also covered the country-soul crooner from Alabama.

So why is it that so few know his name? Producer Ben Vaughn asked the same question for years and, in 1993, nearly rectified the situation with Lonely Just Like Me. Recorded with many of the southern musicians heard on his original recordings, the disc revisited every segment of Alexander's career. But within days of the album's release, 53-year-old Alexander was dead. The tragedy's final footnote was that Lonely Just Like Me died with him.

Fortunately, the HackTone imprint recently rescued and reissued the album, adding bonus live cuts, demos, and an interview. It sounds even better after 15 years -- a triumphant tribute to one of rock and soul's most inspirational heroes

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