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Tom Evanchuck



Meet the Artist: Over the past four years, singer-songwriter Tom Evanchuck has become one of the area's most popular troubadours.

Alone Again, Naturally: After playing solo acoustic gigs for a while, the Chardon-based Evanchuck pursued a fuller electric sound with help from his cousin on drums and a bassist and keyboardist. The band, Old Money, appeared on 2011's self-titled album. A year later, Evanchuck is working on his own again until he settles on a new group of musicians to back him.

Social Media: Evanchuck has a website and a Facebook page, but it's his many concert performances on YouTube that have helped spread the word. "I believe that live shows, meeting new people, and getting out there to promote yourself are just as crucial [as the internet]," he says.

Why You Should Hear Him: Evanchuck's blend of Americana, folk, rock, and blues on four albums and an EP has an easygoing immediacy that makes his original material seem like you've heard it before. Still, he provides enough spin to songs like "Glory" and "Shelter, Shelter" to distinguish his work. "The reason I got into all this music was [to take] people like Neil Young and Bob Dylan, and then see who influenced them," he says.

Where You Can Hear Him:

Where You Can See Him: At the Grog Shop on September 15.

— John Patrick Gatta

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